Sometimes God Wants You To Build Walls, Not Bridges


We are often told to, “Build bridges not walls.”
But sometimes, it must be the other way around.

Sometimes, God will speak to you, commanding you to burn bridges and create walls, yes, high walls.
When we’re hurt, we tend to isolate ourselves and make a barrier, other people may think that it is a sign of weakness. Nevertheless, sometimes it isn’t.

What if there is this someone who has wrecked you, betrayed you and broke your heart? As a Christian, you will pray for them and you will forgive them. After that, build a wall.

Sometimes, it is wise to distance or block someone who have caused you so much pain. God surely loves you and doesn’t want you to be hurt over and over again. Don’t let them in again.

Build a barrier, make it strong, leave it there and focus on Him.

  1. Your heart was a garden and you need to make your walls high.
  2. Walls protect, which means it limits. It will limit any possible or future pain.
  3. When you build a wall to toxic people, you’re doing a favour for yourself, you’re doing what’s right for you.
  4. Putting a wall is like putting the armour of God. It is important to have it so after everything, you continue to stand.
  5. You don’t deserve a man who has caused you to shed a river of tears, gave you unbearable pain and became the reason for many of your sleepless nights. You are a princess of God. Act and think like one.

So when you’ve decided to build a wall, you don’t need to feel sad, guilty or condemned. Remember that some people just don’t deserve bridges.

As a Christian, continue to reflect on things in prayers. Meanwhile, remember to build your walls high and your forgiveness higher.