Sometimes Happiness Is Found In A Simple Life Change — Maybe It’s Time To Get Out Of Your Routine


When was the last time you felt the most alive? Take a second to think.

Were you enjoying the air out there? Did you set a new personal record on your mile-long run? Did you surf a wave for the first time? Or did you tell the one you love that you love them (finally)?

These are all great, accomplishments to say the least.

But what I’m really getting at here is, what makes you feel alive? So alive that the deepest inhale could never fill your lungs.

Almost every day, we live our lives similar to the day before. We wake up early, drink a cup of coffee (or two). We get ready, and off we head to work or school. Most of the time, we complain all throughout, bitching and moaning about how much we hate our daily routines, and how we can’t wait for the day to be over. And then just like that, the day is over and you’ve done a whole bunch of nothing. You’ve gotten nothing accomplished because you washed it away, you’re left feeling ungrateful and unsatisfied.

You wake up the next morning and head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, typical. Off to work or school, and after you’ve arranged to have dinner with a friend. On your dinner date, you two converse about how much you wish things were different—about how much you wished you could just get away; but why cant you? What’s stopping you?

The truth is, nothing; nothing is stopping you. It was once questioned why birds tend to choose to stay in the same place on Earth, even though they can fly anywhere. But, my good friend, you should ask yourself the same question. Your legs are not roots, you are not a tree. Your life will take off with you wherever you may choose to go, you must have the ambition to take the risk—to take that first step.

So often we blame our shitty lives on the things we willingly fill it with—our friends, our careers, our hobbies. If your friends suck, make new ones. Think your job is lame? Apply for a new one. Are your pastimes becoming repetitive? Take up new ones. Getting out there is hard, but it’s the first step in creating a life that you love—a life that you never want to take a vacation from.

Keep this in mind the next time you go to say “no.” Check your reasoning, why aren’t you trying new things? Why aren’t you saying yes to new adventures? Make like a bird, and fly away from the place you know best, it will only lead to new beginnings.