Sometimes I Wish I Knew Nothing About Love


Well, you know what they say, to love someone is a risk, so many thorns on the side, so many velvety petals to caress, so many kisses to give and take, so many words to say, so many silences to share, but what about the pain?

Who warns you about the pain? When the wounds of love make you laugh while you cry? Who warns you that you won’t be able to hate the ones you love even when they start to hate you?

What about the thorns, the petals, the kisses, the words, the silences…Who shall receive them now?

I still have a need to give them to you, but you’re no longer here, whom shall I give them to now?

The thorns were a pleasure, they made me satisfied, hurt to equivocate for the happiness I felt with you,

the velvety petals I caressed, your lips with my fingertips, gentle hunger, slowly, when you love someone slowly, the faster you die, what about the kisses I can’t give you? What about your kisses I long for? I wish I could kiss strangers to take away the pain of not kissing you, but it makes me feel even worse, it’s the most painful feeling,

I can’t stay in one place for long and I can’t stop running away from you, and what about the words and silences that fill my whole world? Echoing in the dark of the night? Deafening me without any kind of mercy, they’re my only companions now that you’re gone, can life get easy for five minutes?

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know anything about love, I wish I didn’t know how it felt to be loved, I wish I could stop, I wish I could walk away to some city, some country, where you forget everything once you enter its borders,

but that’s how it felt to be with you. There is no place to go, there is no one to meet, there is only one thing to do: wait for you to come back, maybe maybe maybe in another lifetime.