Sometimes It Doesn’t Work Out, And That’s Okay


Sometimes it doesn’t work out, and it’s okay because everyone tells you that you are going to meet someone better, someone who appreciates you more and makes time worth your while. But when do you know when you have truly let him go?

We always try ourselves to make us feel that we need a logical sense, a way to wrap our brains around the heartache. So, then, we try to make sense out of everything, because we want the time together to be meaningful so that it makes us feel just a little bit better. But it doesn’t. All it reminded us are the bittersweet feelings after the break up. We think of the things that we did together, the small secret jokes that only we know, the first drink at bar where your first date was, the first time you danced, or the times you went movies together for the first time. But sometimes it doesn’t work out and you need time to heal, and this is my way to heal. This is my way to let everyone knows that everything will be okay.

This letter is not for you: this is my acceptance that I am letting you go. This is my acknowledgment that I have forgiven you and there are no more angles for us to try it again anymore. This is my subtle resignation to our end of the road.

I write this because I loved you and I am ready to let you go, because one day, I know we will laugh at it because we have moved on from each other.

A friend of mine told me once that I needed to forget and let go, but in reality, I can never forget him. A part of him is always going to be with me; it is how I am going to develop my character more as an individual.  Yes, I know that break ups are ugly. But I want to cherish our beautiful moments that happen throughout our time together because I can heal from it.  I want to remind myself that moment together I have with him, the beautiful glimmer of fortune with him is what is going to make me go through with this. I know that he wants me to better.

The healing happens slowly, and the real life is full of unexpected moments. It will be a moment of growth, because one day you will wake up and realize that he is not the first thing in your life anymore, and you are content with that. You begin to appreciate your friends who are there for you in times of need because they love you. It may be small acts of kindness, such as bringing you tea, coffee, pastries but it is seemingly awe-inspiring. Each time we get out of bed we’re getting stronger.

Each time we force ourselves to go out with friends instead of sulking at home, we’re getting stronger. Each time we cry, we’re getting stronger.

It’s going to be okay, because being sad is what makes us human and surviving it, just shows that it is going to be another chapter of our life.