Sometimes The Best Times Are The Most Extraordinarily Ordinary


The best years of one’s life/Not for all of us/It takes more than putting on that smile/And act like everything is okay/To pretend we’re okay/That we love others/Life/Ourselves/We think we deserve the worst to happen/Including death/Far beyond it/We hate ourselves for what we’ve become/For the path we have chosen.

Only/We are so naïve/Like the cry from a newborn/Innocence/Once pure/People like us/We’ve never deserved the bad/Ever.

We are worth it/Worth every moment/Every second of other’s/And our lives as well/We have to know this/We made it out/We are alive for a reason/We just have to learn to keep living/Know that these best years of our lives are sometimes cold/Like winter’s snow/Coldness/That will soon be warmed up like a twinkle of a starry night.

This is where we must be/Amongst the ocean colored sky/Where the sunshine swoons in/And parts through the clouds/That is where we have all come from/Like a caterpillar that transforms into the thinnest layer/Of something extraordinary/The Extraordinary Ordinary.

Life is a fragile of beauty/So live/For the sake of yourself/We see it in different ways/But it doesn’t make us bad people/We struggle/But fight/To make it right/We have believers/While others/Seek inspiration from those who inspire us.

One thing to always remember/Destroy the negativity/Forever.

Things aren’t supposed to be easy/As they say/Sometimes/It even seems impossible/The truth is/Neither of us will know/Until the end of time.

We all have a specific purpose to be here/But in order to be successful/Content/Happy/We cannot dwell so much on what will become/Our destiny.