Sometimes To Find Happiness, You Just Need To Feel A Little Sad


There’s no formula for happiness. You can’t just follow certain rules to achieve it. Because you have to understand, happiness isn’t constant. In fact, nothing in the world is constant. We are always changing. I think we have both experienced times in our lives where everything was going exactly as planned, then the next second, everything fell apart. But we never seem to realize that even when things go horribly wrong, things start to lighten up. Life is a beautiful cycle. You know what they say: without experiencing the lows, we would never feel the high. 

The struggle that we have is overlooking all the negativity in our lives. And that in itself is what keeps us from being positive. We always dwell on how things are so horrible. We complain, and complain, and complain. Maybe the first step is to take a breath and recognize that things may feel really bad right now, but these feelings will not last. We have to conquer the the negative energy. The most important way to do that is to first not feel bad for yourself. Things happen, but they happen to everyone. And eventually, things will change. 

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel sad. Sometimes, you just need to yell and cry in order to get to acceptance. Eventually, you will get to that point where you say, “This is how things are, but soon things will fall into place.” And if you don’t believe it, then continue telling it to yourself until you do. 

I think one of the best things for you to do when you’re going through something tough is to think about another horrible experience you had. Then, think about the experience now. You were able to overcome the previous one, so why wouldn’t you not be able to overcome now? Don’t let the battle scare you. You are a fearless soldier in this war, and the only way to win is to keep fighting. 

Listen to music. Go for a walk. Write your heart out. Remember that there are so many beautiful things in the world. The world is full of art and that is something to always smile about. The most important thing is to keep yourself busy so that you aren’t thinking about why things are so bad. Talk to your parents about your problems. I know it may seem crazy, but they actually have a ton more experience than you, and sometimes, the things they say really help. If you are too shy to speak to your parents, always talk to a friend you can trust. He or she will comfort you and will do anything to make you feel better. Confiding in people is the best medicine. 

Because as the stars begin to gleam down upon us, try to remember that the earth is a dark yet beautiful place. We are bounded by a gloomy surrounding, hindering our ability to decipher what direction to take. It becomes both tricky and complicated to move forward when we are engulfed by darkness. While I lay awake at night, I often watch the stars shine through my bedroom window, revealing how obscurity leads to radiance. And as the starry night continues to carry on, you have to remember that life is both a vague and exuberant mystery, and it is our duty to believe in the luminous traits life has to offer.

image – Amy Clarke