Sometimes We Need a Reminder That We Are Worth It


I know there are moments when you feel
Less than worthy of happiness;
I know there are moments when you can’t help it
And you place all your worth in distractions;
I know there are moments when you wish for more
Hoping there is more to life than what you have;
I know there are moments when you believe
That you lost yourself somewhere along the way;
I know these moments all too well
Because I feel them too.

But we have to remind ourselves that we still have time.
There is nothing to fear; there is no rush.

You’re still growing so you can blossom
You’re still growing so you learn what it means to be alive
You’re still growing so you realize that you are worth it

You have a heart of gold, and one day you will see
How vital you really are to your own happiness and dreams.

Take stock of how you have been feeling recently. Be honest with yourself and make a list of the people or things that have been weighing you down. Under each entry, write down what you feel like around them and how long this has been happening. It is important to find the cause of your feelings and trace them back to the source to better understand what you’re lacking or have too much of. From there, evaluate how you can distance yourself from the negative energy and give yourself a much needed break to recharge. Make three goals this week to follow through on your revelations, and finish the list of goals with your motivation behind them. Then hang it up or keep the list in a visible place so you can refer to it throughout the week.