Sometimes You Need To Be Your Own Reality Check


Sometimes you just need to be the person who tells it like it is. You have to be the voice that might be too hard on you but it’s also right. You have to be the one that has the answers instead of saturating your head with questions and looking for answers from other people who don’t know you.

Sometimes you need to give yourself the wake up call you need when you’re lost. You have to be the one who searches inside and outside for the truth, for your passion, for where you belong and where you should begin. You shouldn’t wait for an opportunity to knock on your door or for someone to save your life.

Sometimes you have to be your own life saver, you have to be the remedy to your poison.

Sometimes you need to tell yourself that they’re not the one for you, that they’re not that into you because they haven’t said or done anything to prove it. You have to knock some sense into yourself and force yourself to move on, to stop waiting, to stop wondering, to stop questioning. You have to convince yourself that you deserve better, that you shouldn’t settle and that you should wait for a love that matches the one you’re willing to give.

Sometimes you have to break your own heart with the truth before you shatter it with your lies.

You have to stop lying to yourself. You have to stop romanticizing reality and you have to stop thinking that your friends know better, that your parents know better or that Dr. Phil knows better.

Sometimes no one knows you better than you know yourself — no matter how confused you are. Sometimes you’re not even confused at all, you’re just living a lie.

Because at the end of the day, no one knows who you really are when all masks fall off, no one sees what you see, no one feels what you feel and no one knows what truly keeps you up at night.

But you know — even if you think you don’t — you always know.

And in your reality, you have to be your own reality check, you have to check yourself before your bubble of dreams bursts into a bubble of nightmares.