Sometimes You Will Need To Fall Apart To Fall Into Place


I hope that day never reaches you where you go to bed questioning whether you built home in the wrong person.

I hope that day never reaches you where you tell someone you love them with a lump in your throat, knowing it’s easier saying that than letting go.

I hope that day never reaches you where you pretend you’re not breaking inside, while allowing your heart to swell leaving your soul bare. And if you do, I hope you remember that you have so much of your life ahead. You have the power to heal your heart by nourishing it, protecting it and putting it in a place you deserve. It’s never too late.

Don’t risk putting your heart back in the hands of he who broke it. He is figuring himself out and hasn’t yet established what love means.

To him, you will never be perfect; but either too little or too much of something. You are neither, you are beyond perfect.

On your own, there will be days where you feel at peace having broken away from a toxic relationship and there will be days of regret. On those days, remind yourself that you are whole. That you will stop allowing yourself to be broken by the half-hearted who give half of themselves; half honesty, half conversations, half smiles and half of their time. Allow yourself to be loved by a whole heart, a full heart, and nothing less. No matter how you feel you have to keep on going to find that girl within who knows her self-worth and knows what she deserves.

With time you will rediscover yourself and rejoice.

With time you will be confident, happy and proud of who you’ve become.

With time you will grow to love each scar you have endured for where it has brought you.

With time, you will realize that you fell apart to fall into place.