Sorry But If It Was Meant To Be, It Would Have Been


We all have days when we wake up with a heavy feeling on our chest. When we all thought we have been doing well and all it took was a dream to make us feel lost again and back to square one.

We have all been in this situation, and it is completely normal to reminisce and miss how things were.

Memories dangle on our heads like tiaras of regrets, and sometimes you get too caught up and wallow in self pity, asking yourself if there was something you could’ve done or could’ve said that may have altered your present state.

Please realize that the only way to move forward is to stop looking back. The past is tricky because you force all your energy to re-live all the things that happened, only you already know how they ended. The past is history. The past is a mere memory. Acknowledge its existence but let it stay where it belongs — your past. Nostalgia is a traitor. It manipulates you into thinking that things were more beautiful than they actually were. Do not believe it. Do not be deceived.

Let it not affect your future. Do not let it be the reason why you miss out on something or someone who will potentially stay in your life and make it great. Others will not heal you, but they can give you reasons why you have to pull yourself together.

Say goodbye to regrets, to the might-have-beens and could-have-beens. You are here today because of the choices you made, no matter the implications these choices may have caused. Stop wondering and start living. You only have one shot at life, don’t spend it playing in the shadow of regrets.

And during those confusing days when old memories try to slowly creep in? Always remember this — if it was meant to be, it would have been.