Spend Less Time In Your Head And More Time In The Real World


If you are anything like me, you spend far too much time in your head. Constantly worrying, wondering, pacing, stressing, and creating stories that are completely useless.

This busy or preoccupied mind might seem like its working things out, but most of the time it’s just rearranging existing thoughts. This is why we get stuck in our head on the hamster wheel.

Your mind is a tool, and you need to learn how to use it properly. It needs to work for, and with you, not against you. Your mind’s thoughts should not stress you out and make your life worse.

Most of our thoughts have little practical use, unless they are solving a problem or you are actively learning something new. All other thoughts are rearranging or looping existing thoughts and that keeps you in your head, focused on shit you don’t need to be focused on. It doesn’t bring you value.

If you don’t master using your mind, you will always be stuck in your head wondering, worrying, and frustrated. Opportunities will pass you by while you’re thinking about useless stuff.

Getting out of this loop requires choosing one thought over another. When you make a choice, it stops the thinking loop and connects a new thought to a new action.

But be careful if you think your thoughts are “working things out”—that is part of the loop. The task is to choose quickly and move forward. Doing so will allow you to be present living and future focused. This will open your mind up to what is going on around you.

You’ll be able to see new opportunities, ideas, and moments. And if you need to make a new or different choice because the one you made didn’t get you where you want, then simply choose again and move forward.

Before you can spend less time in your head, you have to become aware of your thoughts. Because thoughts are habits, and if you want to change a habit you need to first know the habit.

That means watching and listening to yourself throughout the day. While doing so, be careful not to judge or worry about what you observe, because that’s useless thinking again.

Instead, say to yourself, “That’s a nice thought, but let me get back to my reality.” In reality is where you learn, experience, and feel. It is where you notice the subtle colors, smells, movements, words, and textures of life.

This is where you want to spend your time. Learn to choose and you will spend less time in your head.