Spilling The Tea About Why Shane Dawson Has Blown Up On YouTube


Shane Dawson has always wanted to be a movie director, which is fitting, since he has been creating high-quality, movie-length content for YouTube. Every one of his latest videos, from conspiracies to documentaries, are rewarded with millions of views.

In the last few months, Shane Dawson has blown up across YouTube — and he deserves every click, every view, every congratulation.

He succeeds because he takes his time uploading content.

As a creator, it’s easy to fall into the habit of quantity over quality. Taking your time on a project is a risk when there are other creators coming out with multiple videos per week — sometimes even multiple videos per day. Fans might lose interest if you wait too long between uploads. The algorithm might screw you over if you aren’t providing enough content.

Despite the fears every modern creator has about taking too much time away from the internet, Shane has continued to place quality first. He takes his time with his videos and the risk pays off. The wait is always worth it.

He succeeds because he surrounds himself with the right people.

Shane edits alongside his cameraman, Andrew Siwicki. Aside from his laughter, Andrew rarely makes an appearance on camera, but his fingerprints are present throughout every viral hit Shane has created lately. He might work behind-the-scenes, but the passion he places into each project palpable.

Shane has been on YouTube long enough to get burned out, but he manages to keep himself going and keep himself grounded. He hasn’t let fame get to his head. When you watch his videos, you can tell he is a genuinely good guy who cares about his boyfriend, his mother, and his friends. You can always find him messing around (most recently, with slime) in videos from Ryland, Morgan, and Garrett.

He succeeds because his videos are more like movies.

Shane has been fighting against an algorithm that favors ten-minute clips. Lately, his content has been at least an hour long, which means you cannot watch the whole thing during your lunch break. Shane’s videos are an event. They are a reason to set up a spread of food and invite friends over for a beer (or at least root beer).

Shane’s videos get people talking. Watching YouTube can be a solitary activity, but his videos bring people together. Fans can make friends by liking posts on Twitter. They can talk in comment sections. They can spot each other at bars wearing pig shirts or conspiracy hoodies. Shane has a way of connecting people through a love of humor, a love of entertainment.

He succeeds because he puts his heart into his work.

Shane is passionate about his work. He takes his art seriously. Even when he is joking around with his friends, rocking a robe and spilling tea, it’s obvious how much he cares about his content, about his fans, about the overall experience of his videos.

There are fans who weren’t thrilled about the idea of watching a series with Jake Paul or even Tana — but they watched the content anyway. They watched it for Shane. They watched it because they would watch him in anything.

Shane has a way of making any topic entertaining. Not only is he funny, but he’s relatable. He’s the type of person we’re happy to see reach success because he has worked his ass off. He deserves it.

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