Starting A New Relationship Reminds Me Of Building A Campfire


I like to think of starting a new relationship like building a campfire and falling in love like the flames that are produced.

The foundation of a relationship is like the logs – strategically placed so everything else can prosper. If fashioned correctly, you’re probably on your way to love. Without enough wood, your fire could burn out before you get the chance to feel its warmth. With too many logs, your fire could become disastrous, and someone could get hurt. Every once in awhile, your structure will collapse, but with a little care and tending, the fire can be saved.

The flames are your indication that you’ve done something right. Sometimes it takes a while to get a fire going and sometimes it takes a little shifting. Trial and error and attention to detail can make your fire burn brighter.

Eventually, your fire will dim. The embers you’ll see are the residual proof that your fire was once ablaze. If the situation is right, all it takes is a little fresh air and a little effort to renew your flames.

I can guarantee you, there will always be smoke. A great fire would not be possible without a little dwindling. That would be the point where you choose whether or not to add more lumber. This stage can be critical. You’re either going to let it burn out, or you’re going all in.

Occasionally, you will have to add little things to your fire. No matter if you choose twigs and branches or paper boxes, you hope it will result in some sparks.

Some fires go out because they experience rainfall. Some end because a person intentionally pours water on it. Other fires go out because they are left unattended for too long.

No matter what happens, there will be many chances for other fires. There will be other chances to love. You deserve a love that burns so bright; it warms you from soul to sole.