Stay Single Because It’s Better Than Dating A Cheater


Never date a guy who gives you reason to doubt his loyalty.

You shouldn’t feel the itch to search through his phone the second he falls asleep or runs to the bathroom. You shouldn’t feel so insecure with him that you have to scroll through his old texts to see if there are any flirtatious messages hidden beneath female names. You shouldn’t have the urge to go through his camera roll to search for incriminating pictures with exes or to swipe through the main screens to see if he still has any dating apps installed that he uses behind your back.

Never date a guy who comes up with bullshit, half-believable excuses.

You shouldn’t have to question whether or not he’s telling the truth when he explains how he had to work an extra shift last night or how he spent the night at his best friend’s house. You shouldn’t feel a knot in your stomach whenever he speaks, warning you that he’s lying. That what he just told you doesn’t make any sense. That his stories aren’t adding up. That he is clearly hiding something.

Never date a guy who wanders off without giving you a heads-up.

You shouldn’t sit there on a lonely night, staring at the clock on your phone, waiting for a text to come through. Wondering if he got stuck late at work or whether he ran off to the bar with his friends and forgot to mention it to you. You shouldn’t be confused about his intentions or his whereabouts. You shouldn’t feel lost and unsettled in your own relationship.

Never date a guy who closes himself off, who refuses to be truthful with you.

When you ask him basic questions, he shouldn’t switch the topic of conversation or make jokes to lighten the mood instead of answering honestly. You shouldn’t have to pull the answers out of him. You shouldn’t have to guess where your boyfriend spent the night or who has been texting him all morning because he fails to tell you. You shouldn’t be out of the loop.

Never date a guy who is unafraid of embracing his attraction to other girls.

You shouldn’t have to sit quietly while you listen to his flirtatious banter with the cute waitress. You shouldn’t feel ugly in your skin, because whenever a pretty girl walks by, he stares straight at her ass. You shouldn’t have a burning hatred for all his female friends, because you know that he would sleep with every single one of them if he had the chance.

Never date a guy who is comfortable cheating on you.

You shouldn’t feel like you aren’t good enough, like you’ve done something wrong, because the person you trusted betrayed you. You shouldn’t feel like a burden or a bad girlfriend. You shouldn’t feel like maybe you did something to deserve his shitty treatment — because, in reality, you did not deserve anything close to that.

Stay single because it’s better than dating a cheater. It’s better than being in a relationship that is going to break your heart and shatter your self-esteem.