Stay Single Because Spending The Holidays Alone Isn’t So Bad


Stay single because it’s better to rewatch your favorite holiday movies and bake cookies and string up decorations on your own than to carry out traditions with someone who might not appreciate them. Someone who might act as a Grinch and make you feel silly over getting so excited about the little things. It’s better to have a fun time on your own than to be with the wrong person, a person who is on a completely different page than you.

Stay single because it’s better to bring no one home on the holidays than to bring home someone who is going to embarrass you, belittle you, and make you feel weird in front of your relatives. Wait until you find someone good enough to bring home. Someone worthy of meeting the people who raised you. Someone who is going to stick around longer than a few months and has the potential to become close with your loved ones.

Stay single because it’s better to spend the holidays alone than to waste your money on presents for someone you aren’t even sure is going to stick around for another calendar year. You can spend that money on yourself instead. You can treat yourself as a reward for surviving such a hectic year. Or you can save up for your future — because you know it’s going to be a beautiful one.

Stay single because it’s better to spend the holidays with your own family than splitting the time in between your relatives and a toxic partner’s relatives who you barely know. There’s no sense in investing so much time in their family when you aren’t one-hundred percent sure you’re ever going to see them again. You can save yourself the awkwardness by sticking with the people who love you the most.

Stay single because it’s better to wait for that one perfect person who is going to kiss you under the mistletoe and sing along to holiday songs with you than to settle for the first person you find. Even though there’s pressure to settle down during the holiday season, you can stay unattached. You can save those exciting traditions for someone special, someone who is really going to appreciate them.

Stay single because this time of the year is hectic. Between work commitments and family commitments, you probably won’t have time for a relationship. You probably don’t have to make love your priority. You should never feel forced to jump into a relationship, simply because you’re embarrassed to be the only single one on the holidays. Maybe some family members will judge you — but maybe you’re secretly happier than they are. Relationships aren’t everything, as you know.

Stay single because despite what every single holiday movie wants you to believe, you don’t need love in order to be happy. You don’t need to spend this season with a partner. You can focus on your family instead — or focus on yourself instead. The holidays can feel magical, even when you’re on your own.