Stay Single Until You Are Completely Unafraid Of Love


You are terrified of rollercoasters, but you might choose to ride them because your friends want you to.

Despite the fact that you’ll close your eyes the whole time and find it the opposite of enjoyable, you will wait in line, allowing your anxiety to build up while you begin to brainstorm possible ways to get out of having to ride without making it obvious that you’re afraid.

You don’t want anybody to think you are immature, sensitive, or scared, so you choose to do something you are not ready to do.

Finally, after over an hour of debating with yourself, you take a seat. The ride attendant comes around to check that you and everyone else is secured, but despite this assurance, you still don’t trust it.

The possibility of something going wrong keeps repeating itself over and over inside your head, but there’s nothing you can do now. You are locked in; you have already committed.

While you’re on the ride, it is worse than you imagined. You can’t even keep your eyes open. You become overwhelmed by fear — at any point, your harness could give out, your seatbelt could unbuckle, the ride could malfunction.

What is meant to be an enjoyable experience turns out to be the most terrifying experience of your life.

You never want to go through it again, and even though your friends will probably convince you to ride another ride, you are always going to dread it — the anxious knot in your throat as the line becomes shorter and shorter, the racing thoughts as you are being secured into your seat, the fear that overtakes you while the ride turns and spins.

Rollercoasters are supposed to keep you on edge; they are supposed to be thrilling, but they are not supposed to make you sick to your stomach, you are still supposed to enjoy them.

Love is a lot like a rollercoaster — a thrilling experience that evokes passion, excitement, and all kinds of intense emotions.

Love is supposed to be the most incredible thing a person can experience in life, however, you will only be able to enjoy it if you let go of any and every possibility that it might not work out.

If we are too afraid to open our eyes on the rollercoaster, if we remain too focused on all the things that could go wrong, we won’t enjoy the ride or recognize the potential it has to be a fun, unforgettable experience.

When we love in fear, we are unable to recognize love for all the potential joy it brings. We will always be consumed by doubt, we will always feel like something is bound to go wrong, so we will close our eyes and brace ourselves, never allowing ourselves to experience love to it’s full potential.

Fear is paralyzing, it keeps us from experiencing the full-force of things.

You can’t close your eyes through love, you can’t go into it thinking you are bound to get hurt or that you are going to regret being vulnerable.

When it comes to love, the only thing to be cautious about is loving in fear. When love is continuously associated with negative outcomes, our minds begin to define love in a negative light. Love becomes the thing that gets you hurt, the thing that never ends well — it becomes the thing to avoid.

Our lives will not be of less quality if our idea of rollercoasters is tainted, but when our idea of love becomes tainted, our lives are turned upside down.

We look for purpose in all the wrong things. We fall for the ones we know will hurt us. We become reckless with other people’s hearts.

If you are going to love, love fearlessly. Love full-force. Do not be afraid, do not hold back.

Go along for the ride and keep your eyes open the whole time. Let the feeling of falling, the feelings of uncertainty, inspire you to find out more.

Let the thrill of the ride intensify your desire to love deeper, to love harder, to take more chances.

Do not love if you are not ready to love fearlessly, because of all the things in life that we might never experience to its full potential, love should not be one of them.