Stay Single Until You Fall For Someone’s Soul


How do you know if it’s finally worth taking the risk or just another storm you have yet to overcome?

At this age, when the superficial overshadows what is within, where lies are sweeter than the truth, and when it seems easier to let go before things get out of hand, it is important to save your heart for someone who is ready to step up and desires the kind of love that you are praying for too.

What is pleasing to the eye might not be good for your heart. So until you are sure that you have fallen for someone’s soul, stay single.

Stay single until you learn how to be in tune with your emotions. A love that is based on deep connection doesn’t fully rely on how fast a person makes your heart beat or how instantly they make you blush. When it’s your soul that is intertwined, it is more of being at peace – the kind of calm that drowns the chaos you have been long accustomed of.

One day, as unexpectedly as it may be, someone will walk into your life and all your expectations about love will melt away. You will be redirected into something way better than you imagined.

Stay single until you find someone whose intention is to take care of your heart. Most of us have been guilty of committing and victims of a make-believe love. A love that comes with conditions. A half-hearted love presenting itself as whole. These kinds of love are almost always based on emotions – on how their looks can turn us on, how their initial gestures trick us into believing, and how their words carry us into a promising nonexistent world. A commitment that is only skin deep can only last for so long.

Be gentle with your heart and save yourself for someone who complements the light within you.

Stay single until you fall for someone’s soul.

Find them. And you will recognize each other when you do.

Until then, do not settle.

Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t found them yet. Don’t give in to the pressure of time, of other people finding theirs, of feeling left out.

Be still. Go and date yourself. Love yourself the way you would love your future lover. Keep your emotions in check, because if you let it lead the way for you, you may become overwhelmed and lose sight of what truly matters. Be sad when you feel the longing for someone’s hand to hold. Cry yourself to sleep at night when there is no one beside you to share your thoughts with, to cuddle with, to make love to.

And when you wake up, as you will yourself to face yet another day with your solitude, make sure your heart is ready for what lies ahead. Never get tired of hoping, of believing.

One day you will realize that all the time you spent alone has prepared you for the person you have yet to meet.

One day you will find someone who will calm your storms, test your patience, and call you out when you’re wrong.

Someone who will be recognized by your soul.

Someone who will be your peace.

Someone who will illuminate what’s real, making you appreciate both the beauty and the wickedness of it.

Someday you will find them.

Until then, stay single.