Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Makes Life Suck A Little Less


Your boyfriend shouldn’t have to save you. He shouldn’t be the only reason you have for living, your only source of happiness, the only thing that matters in this world.

But he should make living life a little easier. He should make the world feel like a better place.

He should make you eager to get out of bed in the morning, because you know you’re going to get ice cream with him on the boardwalk that night. He should make you excited for the summer, because you can’t wait to see sunrises on the beach with him. He should get you pumped for something as mundane as a Sunday afternoon, because you get to watch Game of Thrones together.

Stay single until you find someone who actually makes you look forward to tomorrow — and helps you enjoy today — instead of someone you keep hoping will change for the better. Instead of getting into a relationship where you tell yourself things will get better as soon as you move in together and as soon as you get married and as soon as you get that promotion.

Instead of dating someone you’re confident you could be happy with in the future, date someone you’re happy with right this second.

Stay single until you find someone who makes you see that the universe isn’t out to get you. Someone who makes you realize that not all people are hiding secrets and telling lies and are going to hurt you in the end. Someone who makes you see the good in this world.

Stay single until you find someone who makes the worst moments of your life more survivable. Someone who knows what to say when your anxiety hits or your depression gets the best of you. Who wraps his arm around you and lets you cry when a family member goes to the hospital or your pet passes away or some other tragic event turns your life upside down.

Stay single until you find someone who sends you into a laughing fit while stuck on a long line at the grocery store. Someone who sends you adorable texts when you’re trapped in a boring meeting and wish you could quit. Someone who makes you smile when you thought that was the last thing you were going to do that day.

Stay single until you find someone who will listen to you rant about the stranger who cut you off on the road or the coworker who has a grudge against you — and will either help you see the silver lining in the situation, encourage you to stop caring, or will make fun of that asshole until you burst out laughing. Someone who chases your stress away.

Stay single until you find someone who is there for you, no matter what. Someone who loves you through every family disaster, every nightmare, every bad hair day, every time you’re up and every time you’re down. Someone who never runs away when things get tough, because you and them are part of a team. Forever together.

Stay single until you find someone who sticks with you through it all and manages to make you smile in the process. Someone who makes life suck a little less.