Stay Single Until You Meet The Guy Who Makes You Feel Loved, Rather Than Just Wanted


Today’s youth uses the word Love like a casual greeting with no meaning behind it. It’s understanding why girls fall in and out of relationships never comprehending what honestly happened. They don’t truly understand how to recognize someone who actually loves them compared to someone who lust after them. Relationships are more complex and difficult than they were back decades ago, so advice from elders isn’t that helpful.

I’m not saying that there aren’t good men to be found roaming around or hiding under large rocks in the alps.

I’m just saying you need to recognize when someone looks at you with lust compared to when their eyes glint with love when you walk in the room.

Someone who is passionate about you will clean the house and do the little here and there things just to see you smile after you’ve had a long terrible day. They want to see you pleased, they want to be the one to make you heart smile.

While someone who lusts may make time for you when they feel like it. They might text you or call you every now and then just to keep stringing you along. However, just when you’ve had enough they come running, apologizing for being selfish and heartless. Then again, it’s never really their fault because something was keeping them from you or they haven’t been feeling good. A week goes by and it’s back to the same routine. It’s up to you to stop that heartbreak and anxiety that you give yourself every time you give them another chance. That next chance isn’t going to be any different the sixth time hun.

Someone who truly cares deeply about you will stand by your side even when the roads get long and dreary. Because your path is their path to follow also. Pick the man who puts down his video games just to cuddle up on the couch to watch the show he hates and you love just so he can spend a moment with you. Pick the man who fixes you food even if it’s something easy and he messed it up again. Because it’s the thought that counts, it’s his thought of you that counts.

Mine can’t make a simple sandwich without making a gigantic mess. But he tries to make a second of my life easier. That’s what honestly counts when it comes to a loving relationship.

How many times are you going to let yourself get hurt before you realize you are hurting no one but yourself by letting him walk all over your heart. His excuses sound good to you because of the fact that you want them to be true but deep down you know that they aren’t.

The man who loves you isn’t the one who makes time for you to be in his life. The man who loves you isn’t the guy who sleeps all day and only wants to see you at night alone. The man who loves you is the one who is honest and trustworthy with you. He is the one who would drop anything if you needed him. He is the one that you should always be able to count on and that you would never have to second guess.