Stay Single Until You Understand That You Don’t Need A Guy To Be Happy



If you still think that your happiness could be or would be improved by having a guy by your side, then you are mistaken and you should stay single until you realize that you don’t need anyone for that. You don’t need to fall in love romantically with the “perfect guy”, you need to fall in love with yourself. Unfortunately, that is not as easy as we think.

We get distracted often and can trick ourselves into thinking that we would love ourselves more if someone would love us romantically. This is not true.

Moreover, it is always to look to other people to heal us with romance, but it doesn’t work. You are more than romance. You do not need to rush love or try to force it. Plus, if it can be rushed or forced, then it isn’t love.

So stay single until you fall in love with the life you lead.

Stay single until you don’t need him to come around to “save” you, or entertain you, or change you.

Stay single until you aren’t ignoring red flags because you want him to stick around.

Stay single until it is not a temptation for you to drop all that you have worked for to be with this guy.

Stay single until you have fallen in love with you.

Take this time in your singleness to make something out of every curiosity that you ever had, every dream you could imagine, every moment you have privately dreamed up. Travel or stay, do the things that you want to do and become who you want to be.

Stay single until you don’t feel a pressure to switch all the things you love about yourself in hopes of finding the [wrong] guy.

Stay single until you are content in yourself and in the skin that you are in.  Be so satisfied with who you are yet hungry to grow more within yourself and not looking for him to do it for you.
Stay single until you are not in dire financial crises so that you don’t date for “free food”. Stay single until to stop associated a boyfriend with “free things”.

Stay single until you love you can motivate yourself to be who you have always known you could be.

Stay single until your happiness does not depend on any guy and you are able to yourself without apologizing.

Without being embarrassed by who you are and what you like to do.

Without hiding your truth. Without compromising who you are.

Until you don’t believe that you need him to complete you in any way, stay single.