Stop Acting Interested


I would have a much easier time getting over you if you stopped leading me on. Every time I decide that you are not right for me and I want to move on, you start paying attention to me again. It’s like you can sense when I am about to pull away, and since you want to continue to hold power over me, you start changing your tune so that I give you one more chance.

In the beginning, I was flattered when you complimented my outfits and pushed my hair back and sent me texts about how it’s been way too long since we have seen each other. But now that it’s obvious we are never going to become a couple, those same things annoy me. They annoy me, because even though my mind knows you are only messing with me, my heart still skips a beat every time you touch me. My stomach still shivers with butterflies whenever your name materializes on my phone.

Even after all of the mixed signals you have sent me since the day we first met, I still want to be with you — but I know you are never going to become my boyfriend, so please stop acting interested.

Stop making me question whether walking away from you is the right move. Stop giving me reasons to hesitate when deciding whether or not you are worth my effort. Stop giving me false hope when you know damn well you are never going to turn our relationship official.

I know you like me, I know we have had fun times together, but we are not on the same page. You aren’t interested in a serious, committed relationship with me. You only want me around when you are bored. The rest of the time, you ignore my messages and act like liking my posts are enough to keep me satisfied.

You think of me as a way to pass the time. As a backup plan that you only acknowledge when the rest of your friends are too busy for you. You only answer texts when you are the one who initiates the conversation. When I reach out to you, I get ignored, because you only want to talk to me when you want to talk to me. You don’t care about what I want. You don’t care about how I feel.

You have been leading me on for long enough. You have alternated from making me feel like I have a chance with you to making me feel like shit. I’m sick of the roller coaster. I’m done with the games.

You might be interested in texting me late at night and sleeping with me from time to time, but you are not interested in dating me, so stop acting like you are. Stop making me like you even more than I already do. Give me the freedom to get over you. It’s the least you could do after all of the mixed signals you have sent.