Stop Apologizing For Closing The Door On That Which No Longer Serves You


You took a step back.

You walked away.

You closed the door.

You said goodbye to whatever wasn’t serving your best interest—perhaps it was a relationship, or a friendship, or a job, or an old way of moving about in this world. Maybe it was the breaking of a habit that had somehow taken over your life. Perhaps it was closing the door on your past so that you could fully step into what lies ahead for your future.

Maybe it was something else entirely—but you did it, and now it’s time to own your move without apology.

You don’t have to apologize for walking away, removing yourself from the situation, or changing your mind. There is no apology required for no longer surrounding yourself with people or pastimes that make you feel bad, things that are no longer good for your mental or physical health. There is no need to say “I’m sorry” for no longer listening to words that wound your spirit and people who think that you are somehow less deserving of love and attention and consideration.

You don’t have to apologize for growing out of the confines you once played yourself in, either.

You don’t have to apologize for closing the door on that which no longer serves you.

It’s okay that you walked away.

It’s okay that you decided to put yourself first. It’s ok that you removed yourself from a situation that weighed heavy on your heart and spirit. It’s okay that you decided to stand up for whatever it is you need and are committed to cultivating a life that gives that to you.

Not everyone might understand your heart, and that’s okay, too.

What’s important is that you are confident in the next steps that you are taking and that you are happy with the choices that you are making.

What’s important is that you are confident in the door that you have closed.

Now is the time not for apologies but an opportunity to walk through the new doors you will encounter, for the rest of your life is waiting for you.