Stop Being The Reason That Your Life Sucks


What if everyone in this great big world we all share had a dream? What if all of the population got up, got dressed, and got out there. What if, instead of dreaming at night, we dreamed harder when we woke up? What if just taking up space became taboo? What if…

Opportunities are inevitable and are given to anyone. However, only few are able to grasp these opportunities by their hard working hands and make something out of them.

Imagine what would happen to our culture if everyone achieved their dreams. If everyone lived like there was no heaven or hell or a reason to believe there is something after death. Why dwell on what is going to happen once you have reached your limit? Never reach your limit. There are no limits and no reason to believe there are.

Pre-Socratic philosophers believed the world was flat, that Earth floated in water like a log. Just existing. They were only guys with beards though, right? Proving this wrong, we discovered Earth is a sphere and is never ending. It never stops and never starts in one particular spot. We are a part of this Earth so it just makes sense that we shouldn’t either.

Find something that makes your heart and soul burst into flames. Pursue that. Make that your focus.

Quit wishing for something to happen that you’ve always wanted to happen. Look past the obstacles in your way. Let me tell you, you are strong enough to knock them right over. Your mouth is big enough to tell all of the conventional people who doubt you to screw off. What do you have that they don’t? Motivation.

What have you always wanted to do? Make a list and pick something from it that completes you. Find a way to make it not just words on a paper, but a reality. Your reality.

Whatever it may be. Learning the guitar, memorizing the Egyptian alphabet, skiing the Swiss Alps, telling at least one person you love them everyday, buying a house on a lake with your hard earned money.

Just remember, there are no limits. In fact, do everything on the list. Don’t forget to smile while also learning that you are unstoppable. Don’t live small or medium. Those are only suggestions. Live large.

Quit being the reason your life sucks. Get out of your Lazyboy and make something of yourself. Quit telling others how unhappy you are and how unexciting your life is. If you are telling the world this, then you have a flat mind, almost like the pre-Socratic earth.

Make that thing work. Blow the dust off of your old ice skates and rekindle the joy that you got from them. Put in the old record your grandfather made you listen to, even though you secretly liked it. He would enjoy you bringing back those memories.

No matter how small your dream may be, it is so worth your time. No matter how big the voices are that are saying you can’t, you can.

You have ambition and heart like no other. When you succeed, you will look back and wonder why you didn’t start earlier. Don’t doubt yourself and wonder what your purpose is in this world.

Set your sights on the highest mountain on the earth and go get it. Experience your lowest low and learn from it. Let nothing stand in your way. Discover every wonderful nook and cranny of this world and have a story to tell.

Live because you know the world will end. Live from a different perspective. Live large.