Stop Blaming The World For Your Problems And Start Looking Within Yourself


In a world full of chaos, you may find yourself blaming the world around you. You may find yourself blaming your past. You may find yourself blaming the people who hurt you or caused you self-harm. You blame the world for your inner and outer appearance. Why you are the way you are or why you act the way you act. You blame others for not achieving and flourishing in your fullest potential. You blame others for not loving and genuinely feeling again. You lock your own heart away, so no one sees the real you. You give up on your dreams and goals because you’re too busy blaming the world around you to keep going. So, there you are, stuck and angry at the world. All because of blaming.

You shouldn’t blame the world for every little thing, and you also shouldn’t blame yourself for every little thing. Stop blaming less and start taking responsibility for your own actions. Blaming is a serious disease, and it will be the death of you if that’s all you truly live by. Do you really want to spend your whole lifetime blaming every person that did you wrong? Do you really want to blame the world and your past mistakes for not stepping out into the world and being who God destined you to be? Or do you want to release the burden of constant blaming and start living for yourself in every way and every aspect?

Take a moment to reflect on yourself because it’s nobody’s fault that you can’t love again and give affection. It’s nobody’s fault that you can’t get that dream job you want. It’s nobody’s fault that you can’t trust again and be open with the world. It’s nobody’s fault that you can’t cheerfully laugh and be truly happy again. It’s nobody’s fault that you can’t live again and be yourself, because the truth is, you can once you start looking at yourself from the inside and knowing that blame won’t get you to where you need to be. It won’t only keep you in a stagnant place of misery and constant doubt and an eternity of blaming.

The sad truth is that the only person that is keeping you from being you is you, because you’re too busy blaming every little thing and every little person around you. All these things are a choice that you must make, not the world.

Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Pablo Picasso were famous artists that created great masterpieces of art. They had a canvas, a palette, and a paintbrush. They knew what they wanted to create, they knew how they wanted their masterpiece to look, and they expressed their work in their own style of creativity in various shapes in forms. Look at your life in this perspective. Just like that God made us all in unique shapes and forms to express our own creativity. Your life is the masterpiece and you’re the artist of it. You’re the creator of your life and you decide how you want to paint it. You can add and blend whatever colors you want. You can erase whatever doesn’t look or feel good to you. You can paint whatever truly fulfills you and makes you feel satisfied. It’s your masterpiece to create. Once you stop blaming is when you start living. The world may have caused you hurt and trauma, but what was done to you does not have to define you. You don’t need to blame the world or yourself for the actions of others. You don’t need to stop growing or stop going after success because of what did and didn’t go right during your life. You oversee your life and you take charge of it.

Don’t let blame take over you—take over it. Stop blaming and start taking responsibility and seeking change. Stop pointing fingers and start looking at yourself, because the truth is, you have the potential and the strength to do it. It all starts with you.

I believe in you. Spread love and be great.