Stop Blaming Timing And Just Tell Her You Love Her


Timing’s not a bitch. The world still isn’t going to wait for you.

You either like someone back or not. So stop wasting your time (or should I say your nights) overthinking whether you should tell someone the way you feel about them. Don’t think ‘maybe I should tell her a little bit later when I see she’s kinda interested in me too?’ Because if she doesn’t like you now, she probably wouldn’t like you later.

There’s probably a reason why after months (I suppose this is a pretty sufficient time to get to know each other of course) of knowing each other, she still doesn’t seem to show any sign of interest. If you tell her now and she doesn’t like you back, at least you know right? Then you’re better off spending your time trying to move on and maybe finding someone who actually likes you too.

Yes, she could like you back later on too. Maybe 4 years after she’s over that cool guy in the office? Sure. That could happen too.

But do you really want to spend your 4 years pining for her, hoping she does get over the cool guy? What if she never gets over him? So if you can’t stop thinking about her and you simply cannot contain it anymore (cue in Finn Hudson’s rendition of I can’t stop this feeling anymore), I don’t see why you shouldn’t tell her how amazing you think she is. For one, you’re actually boosting her ego while risking yours.

And two, life is too short to spend years plotting the how and when you should tell her, when we all simply know when we like someone, don’t we? And sometimes even if we don’t initially like someone, we start to realize we actually like someone too after finding out they like us. So it’s not a risk of timing. It’s a risk of whether you’re willing to take a relationship to a whole new level (or down a level if you’re unfortunate) or not. Do you really like her? Unless she’s in a relationship with someone else, what’s stopping you?

At this point she probably would be able to decide whether she’s attracted to you too or not. Stop blaming timing for your coward-ness. Go get some balls and tell her already.