Stop Everything You’re Doing And Listen To This Song


The elusive modern disco queen Roisin Murphy hasn’t dropped a new record in like six years. Girl what are you waiting for! Even though she hasn’t released a full-length, and there’s not much chatter about a follow-up to 2007’s Overpowered, the Irish songstress has managed to bless us with a few one-off singles, sprinkled here and there. In August 2012 she released the chill-sounding EP “Simulation,” and a few weeks after that she appeared on “Flash of Light,” a dance track by Luca C & Brigante.


Well, Roisin’s back, everyone! “Look Around You,” chill new track by German house producer Boris Dlugosch, features Roisin’s soothing vocals and an iridescent disco groove. It’s the first track from GOLDEN CITY SOUNDS, a new record label spearheaded by Boris Dlugosch, Raik Krause (of Hey Today!) and Isi Tüfekci (of Digitalism). But the weirdest thing about the song is the official video itself, which I do not understand. “Look Around You” is set to some soft porn — a scantily clad woman (NOT Roisin) in a bikini, rolling around a bed while the camera fetishizes her fabulous body. Listen, we know that music is sex and that sex sells, but great dance music doesn’t really need that kind of video to get the point across. Even Roisin complained about it.

“Look Around You” is just astounding, as the song says itself, and all it does is make you wonder when/if Roisin is ever going to have her own full-length record and what it would sound like. Girl, get to work!!!

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