Stop Looking For A Rebound Relationship Because You Are Allowed To Be Alone


The truth is that people leave. They leave you regardless if you’re ready for it or not, in your darkest times, when everything seemed perfect, with no explanation.

I could write about the importance of believing the best in people, but this isn’t about other people. This is about you.

Being alone is looked at in a negative light by most, so we try to find our way out of loneliness as quickly as possible when things do take an unexpected turn.

We replace old lovers and old friends with new ones in the blink of an eye and never stop to think that it might be okay to be alone, maybe even necessary.

I’ve always believed that this world won’t love you unless you love it, and you can’t love this world without loving yourself first.

Loss is associated with feelings that demand to be numbed, and often times we do so by replacing our losses as quickly as possible. Finding a new boyfriend/girlfriend, or a new group of friends might make you feel better in the moment, but you might not realize that disregarding the precious time in between the end of something and the beginning of something is actually setting you up to suffer the greatest loss of all — yourself.

These blocks of time in which we are freed from others, whether it is our choice to be or not, offer tremendous opportunities for growth. The more we overlook them, the more we shrink our own potential.

This “in between” is there to remind you that you have yourself, no matter what. It isn’t meant to make you feel lonely, although you might at first.

Resist the urge to replace old people with new people so quickly. Instead, replace them with yourself. Become your own best friend. Love yourself better than anyone you know.

You are your oldest friend, nobody has stuck with you as long as you have. Give yourself some credit and appreciate that if nothing else, you have yourself.

Laugh with yourself.

Sing outdated songs in traffic at the top of your lungs by yourself.

Argue with yourself.

Drink wine by yourself.

Go to the movies by yourself.

Cook dinner by yourself.

Take a trip by yourself.

Go on a hike by yourself.

Talk to yourself.

Question everything around you.

You’re not crazy, most just seem to have forgotten how to be in touch with themselves these days.

People will come and go, you might be left alone, you might even choose to be alone, but you don’t ever have to feel lonely.