Stop Settling For Less Than You Deserve, You Will Miss Out On Extraordinary Love


“I’ll do anything for this man… Look, would there be any hang-up if this were a mother talking about her son? Service is the only thing that’s important about love. Everybody is worried about ‘losing yourself’ — all this narcissism. Duty. We can’t stand that idea now either . . . But duty might be a suit of armor you put on to fight for your love.” – Meryl Streep on her partner, John Cazale.

We grew up watching Disney Princesses dedicate their time to finding Prince Charmings. We grew up learning to hate being alone, to find silence so uncomfortable we reproach people who choose to be solitary. At the same time, we are taught that, in this new age, it is passé to openly wish for love and it is now seen as a weakness.

I can give you as many, as lengthy, as verbose an empowering pro-single speech my tongue can muster. In the end the desire to find a partner has been ingrained deeply within us that the yearning has become nearly instinctive.

Deny it all we want, but for many people there is a hidden creature begging to be loved, longing to be understood. While it is a brave and natural thing to be self-reliant, so it is, too, to admit our want for romantic company, for a light of adventures able to eclipse the loneliness which we both call friend and foe.

Thus, I’ll leave you with this advice:

Choose a person that makes you believe in the impossible.

You deserve a love that’s as extraordinary as your personality, and as profound as the suffering you have been through.

Love should never be wasted on mediocrity. It should never be average.

Never settle for anyone who won’t woo you, who won’t give you sleepless nights due to the butterflies in your stomach, and who won’t sweep you off your feet until all you see are stars –

so many stars you find yourself forgetting the darkness that makes them shine so bright in the first place.