Stop Shaming Me For Dieting


It’s a sad, tragic day for anyone when they realize their metabolism has slowed down. It comes sooner rather than later for some people. I look back on my teen years with such bliss. McDonald’s, pizza, cake, chips and dip, all the good stuff, without gaining a pound. Foods that now, I can’t even go NEAR without bloating up like a balloon.

I knew the day was going to come for me, but I was expecting it in my mid (to preferably late) twenties. However, I got a rude, horrifying awaking shortly after my twentieth birthday. My metabolism quit on me. I gained almost 20 pounds in ~3 months. This, on my 5’2” frame, was VERY obvious and VERY hard for me to deal with.

Due to lack of self-control, terrible, yet very habitual eating habits, and a foot injury, it took me TWO years to get back to my previous weight. I did it all through dieting. You can imagine that after such a struggle and such hard work, I am very determined to prevent weight gain.

Now, believe it or not, many people in my life seem to have a HUGE problem with my constant dieting. This is because, even during my weight gain, I was still what some people would consider “small”.

Apparently dieting is only socially acceptable if society considers you to be fat.

I see the way people look at me when I pass on free pizza. I see the way restaurant workers judge me when I ask for their “light” dressings. I deal with the insults from my co-workers when I am torn between eating the cookies someone left us as a tip, and I am fed up with it.


I realize there are much, MUCH more important things in life. But what is also important to me is feeling comfortable in my own skin. I like to feel healthy, I like to be active, and I LIKE TO BE SKINNY.

I certainly don’t deserve to be made to feel like some superficial moron because of my healthy eating habits.

“But why do you need to diet? You’re so skinny!”

It is NEVER appropriate to comment on someone’s eating habits, unless they are so out of control that they are jeopardizing their health. Furthermore, if I want to comment on my own eating habits, I am allowed to do so. Eating is a HUGE part of life, and dieting can be really hard! I don’t want to be shamed every time I struggle about whether or not I should eat a cookie! Not understanding someone’s habits does NOT give you the right to shame them.

Just shut up and let me eat my lettuce!