Stop Trying To Be Perfect For The Wrong Person


This is to all the “almost” perfect girls out there: You ARE perfect! Don’t let a man who isn’t ready to love a woman with scars, with a past, with goals and ambitions and obstacles they have no control over but will overcome, make you feel like you are less than perfect. A real man will accept and encourage a woman to become who she is meant to become. A real man will be your support and your cheerleader on your come up.

I’ve seen so many women cry because a man told them they were almost perfect. That if only they had this quality or maybe if they showed less emotion or maybe they looked better in one way or another, they’d be good enough. I was told I would have been almost perfect one too many times. The one that hurt the most was when I was told I was almost perfect, but I was a mother. That was a blow to my heart, because my child is not an imperfection.

I learned to be honest right off the bat. I date like I’m applying to a job I don’t need. If i get it, great! If I get rejected, I still have myself and my daughter and that’s all that matters to me. Be honest. I am practicing spilling all my insecurities, flaws, and failures to whoever interests me. This way whoever chooses to stick around will do so with no false pretenses on the kind of person I am. If I am not perfect to you when I am telling you I am interested in you, then I won’t be perfect to you later when I tell you I love you and you find it too soon or don’t feel the same.

No one is almost perfect. Some people are just trying to be perfect to the wrong person. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re not worthy because you’re not where they expect you to be. We are all works in progress and deserve to take our time to get where we want to be in life. Don’t let their expectations of what your life should contain rush your progress towards your goal. Some people will make you feel like you need to take shortcuts because they’d say things like, “You’d be perfect if you had a job.” No, take your time! Find the job that is perfect for you, that complements your goals, that makes you happy.

I always practice self-care, and due to this I have reached a level of self-love that makes me feel invincible. I remind myself that while I am dating, I do not need anyone. I do not look for a perfect man and I do not want to be perfect for any man. I do not wish to be almost perfect in anyone’s eyes. I want to enjoy time with someone who does not seek perfection at all but who lives life as it comes. Everyone should search for a partner in crime, not a perfect match. I would love to be imperfect next to an imperfect person who enjoys being imperfect. Do not change for anyone to accomplish their perception of a “perfect” woman. Because every woman has imperfections, but the right person will love all of them.