Stop Trying to Fix People, Instead Celebrate Them


There is no fixing anyone. At the end of the day, everyone you love is broken in some way or the other. It’s just what life does to us all in the end, and although it is sad, it is something we must all bring ourselves to come to terms with. Life is a tricky and cruel mistress to us all. And everyone we love comes with some kind of deep, emotional baggage attached. If you’re looking for perfect people, then you have chosen the wrong planet because Earth is a place where flaws exist in everyone. And you know what? They should be celebrated.

We spend far too much time picking ourselves apart in front of a mirror to understand that we are beautiful because of our flaws, but maybe its time we start acknowledging that about ourselves. That are flaws are the things that make us truly unique and exceptional.

This is why fixing anyone is never something we should try to do. We need to instead love people the way they are. If they choose to fix themselves, our only role other than loving them is to support them whilst they go through the painful process of sticking the pieces back together.

We are sad days and broken dreams and some day we will all find someone who will appreciate us as we are. The idea is never to find the perfect, ideal kind of love. It is to find the kind of love that is imperfect and that’s what makes it so comfortable, so beautiful, so incredible to the people who have fallen so deeply for each other.

You cannot fix anyone. And the amazing thing is, you don’t need to. Because you will accept the right kind of person for who they are. And together you will celebrate all the flaws others berated and did not understand about you.