Stop Trying To Save Him Because He Will Never Be Able To Save You


Why do we keep running back to those that hurt us?

When I was 18 years old, I met my kryptonite. He was tall, dark, and handsome in all meanings of the saying. Undoubtedly charming to boot, he was exactly what every young girl’s mother warns her about when she sends her baby off to college. He was the “bad boy” that no one else could tame, but I could. I actually even did, in a way. I was the only girl that meant anything to him beyond his first love, who broke his heart and tattered him into the empty person he was when I met him. But broken souls are not fixed in one fatal swoop like in the textbook movie romances, and he was no exception.

So, to all the girls with their kryptonite, the ones considering taking him back, the ones that have sworn him off but secretly know deep down he will be back in your inbox in 3 months:

It is okay to quit him. It is okay to not be his savior. You were not put on this earth to save him from himself, to fix his broken heart and set him free like a rehabilitated animal.

It’s okay to put yourself above him, because spoiler alert, he will never be able to save you. When you come crashing down, he won’t be able to save you from yourself like you have so many times for him. His wild heart will keep him in forward motion, and he won’t know how to slow down to let your tired soul catch up, even if he wanted to. Let him go, and set yourself free instead.