Stop Using Money As An Excuse Not To Pursue Your Dream Life


I have spent the entire last decade of my life doing literally whatever the hell I have wanted to, which is not something many people can say. After moving around a few times, I finally found the eclectic and inspiring city of Nashville, TN, where I have been living for over six years. My hometown was an excellent place to spend my childhood, but there is a lot of world to see, experiences to have, and amazing people to meet. Those things don’t happen by being afraid of change, working a job you don’t love, and spending all your days within the same five mile radius you did as a child.

Most people blame finances for not traveling more or pursuing a dream and it is the worst excuse I have ever heard. I have spent enough nights working in a bar or restaurant to last a lifetime. Is this a lifelong career goal? Hell no. I haven’t delivered a whiskey and coke to a drunk guy in years and don’t plan to ever again. It was just something I could do for myself that gave me the freedom to get out of my hometown and see a little more of the world.

Over the past several years, I have not only been blessed with the opportunity to do what I love every single day, but I have reached so many goals that I continuously find myself making new ones. I’m not saying this to brag. What I’m telling you is that I didn’t go to college. My parents have never given me an allowance or paid any of my bills. I spent a year attending a cosmetology school that took me ten years to pay off. I have common sense, morals and integrity. Those three traits combined with a badass work ethic can easily take you farther than a $75,000 college education that your parents are holding over your head. Just last year, I visited four new countries. I rode a horse in the ocean. I hung out with Reese Witherspoon. I moved into a loft in the trendiest part of town. I continuously eat at really good restaurants and have incredible relationships with people who I can’t imagine never knowing. My dream life would have never become reality if I would have taken the easy route and stayed in my hometown.

I have changed a lot over the past several years as I have figured out who I am and what I want. That is exactly what your twenties are for. None of this shit came easily, but I’ve had more people than I can count tell me they are living vicariously through me. I am only 29 years old, which means there is plenty of time to settle down and fall in love. If you find yourself wishing for someone else’s experiences or adventures, it’s not too late to start working your ass off to pursue your dream life. I’m living proof that you don’t have to be rich to do that.