Stop Waiting—Life Starts Now


Life starts now.

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not on the first of the month or the January of each year.

It starts now.

Stop waiting to start creating the life that you want to lead, or the work that you wish you had.

Stop waiting for the stars to align. Stop waiting for a right time, or a signal from the universe, or for someone else’s permission to begin. You don’t need someone else’s permission to live. You don’t need someone else’s permission to change. You just need to decide, here and now, that you want to do it.

That is where you start. That is how you begin.

Don’t string together a list of excuses on why you have to wait until tomorrow – find a minute, and begin to make a little change to tip the scales of happiness your way.

Maybe happiness is spending more time with your family or friends. Maybe you want to start cultivating those friendships better – but work gets in the way. Maybe you’d love to host a dinner party, but you don’t know how to do that just yet, because you have deadlines and doctors appointments and you’re not sure how to fit it all together and go to the gym, too.

I get it, I do.

But who says the dinner party has to happen tomorrow? Perhaps the thing that stops us from starting is feeling like we have to make these big, grand movements immediately. Perhaps we’re going about changing all wrong.

Maybe changing your friendships and cultivating your relationships can just begin with a single text. Maybe you can just say, “hey! I miss you. How are you, lately?” Maybe the dinner plans come later.

Maybe the change you seek is finding more happiness at work. Maybe this means you need more fulfillment. Maybe you’re itching to create. Maybe you feel like you have a novel in you, or a musical, or a sculpture, or you’re just dying to start a photography business.

That’s all beautiful, it really is, but you have to start. Dreaming doesn’t equate to creating – you have to actually do something. And I know, just starting can feel daunting – but start with one word, one note, one photo, one brush stroke.

Hamilton wasn’t written in one day and Harry Potter wasn’t written overnight – but they both started with one word.

Stop making excuses for not making strides toward the life that you want. Life isn’t going to grant you permission to start living the way you want – you have to start now.