Stop Worrying About Him Texting You Back, And Start Worrying About Him Loving You Back


I don’t believe in texting. I find texting overrated. Can we really measure people’s love on the numbers of the text they sent us? My answer is no.

I don’t trust texting. I don’t believe in it. People can say many things but, in the end, what really matters is their actions, not only their words. If a bunch of words are not followed by actions, what are they be supposed to stand for?

This is why I tell you: don’t believe in texting. Believe in holding hands, in that someone who holds your hands over Sunday stroll. Believe in laughing for the same silly jokes. Believe in taking planes and going to places together. Believe in dates because time is the most important thing someone can give to you. Believe in you falling for him and in him falling for you over and over again. Believe in someone who takes a chance on you. Believe in someone who invests himself in whatever you may be building. Believe in someone who sticks around no matter what. Believe in all of this and let go.

Let go of fears, anxieties and worries. Let go of people who don’t show the fuck up. Let go of people who make you feel insecure. Let go of people who can’t fit you in their busy schedule, saying there is no time. They don’t even look for it. Let go of all of the bad experiences you have had. They don’t deserve to hold you back. Let go of all of the people who don’t grow you into a better person. This is not what you’re looking for. Let go of the people who keep disappointing you. Second chances are not very likely to ever work out. Let all of this go because this is exactly what is standing between you and happiness. Not a bunch of texts.