Stop Worrying, And Let Me Love You


The road like a river, another way to get to you, I’ll follow the yellow lines, I’ll follow the waves, I won’t stop for anything, all the red lights, and green lights, telling me to slow down, but how can I when you’re waiting for me?

I’ll follow you around, I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth, you underestimate what people in love can do, so don’t worry and don’t look back, don’t worry I won’t leave even when the sky gets black,

you’re so afraid of being alone but you never say these fears outloud to anyone, but I won’t give you any reason to quiver, I’ll be right behind you, so don’t worry and go on,

I can’t promise you that things will always be right and easy, but I can promise you I will be there even when everything is wrong and everything is difficult to understand, because when I said I loved you, I meant it with all my heart, don’t underestimate what people in love can do, I keep telling you, one of these days you’ll finally understand it.

I’ll fly to meet you when you’re tired of being alone, and I’ll call you when you’re so tired from being pushed around by the world, and we’ll leave it all behind, so don’t worry, because for me, you always come first, even if I’m dying of thirst, I’ll give the last drop of water to you,

so don’t worry and let me love you, and don’t be afraid of not being able to love me in the same way, because you have to love me like you want to, and I’m sure it’ll be enough for me,

so follow me, I’ll take you to a place on earth that feels like heaven, where the clouds are down below and the sky is hypnotisingly close, away from the world, just with me, don’t worry it’ll all be alright soon enough.