Stop Worrying, The Universe Is On Our Side


“Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.” — Emery Allen

The universe fights, long and hard every ticking minute to find the right people, who must cross the right paths to meet you. I am sure, it does not wait, nor retaliate at the thought of lost lovers who are meant to be together. It does not wait a couple of hours because it can miss the best first kiss after so much waiting. In never delays in the person who will sit and sip hot tea with you, and finally let you feel, the emotion, the regret, worry, and human suffering in a haven of their arms.

The universe does not need to be asked, “Why did this happen?” because God is already three steps ahead of us when it comes to love that is entirely body-tingling, all-encompassing and divine good. You see, God and the universe work together, not apart. They shelter moments, and memories and store them deep into their safety to let them unravel when the time is right. Not when you think you are ready, or when you want someone to be prepared to love you. No, the universe does not work that way. Neither does God. You cannot anticipate what is meant for you. So no matter how long you tug at your thoughts to let go, no matter how much you stare at your phone at night contemplating if sending a message will change your life or not, you cannot rush manifestations, which are already in a race to comply to your path. The stars and skies know much more than you do. They are the primary curator for re-kindled, new-found, and conforming hearts.

I am proof of this because I have met you. I am proof, much like the jillion of galaxies that exist in our space, that there is more to me than I will ever know because I am a mere speck in the miracles that happen when you pour me a second cup of ginger tea. When you don’t speak to be heard, but listen instead to whatever is on my mind. I am proof much like the ocean waves I come across on the coast, which cause me to ask myself “How can someone not believe in God, with this immaculate beauty?” Yes, here as I sit staring, praising, and admiring the sky for all I have become, I still wonder why some doubt. Why some cannot believe in his greatness when he continually leads us through the fire, and above the storms of life.

So, when you cannot let go, walk outside and have a conversation with the moon. Speak your worries to the sky, because it never stops listening. It keeps waiting for you, to come forward and believe in it.

From the wreckage, God has carved me into a powerful, wise woman who serves as evidence that hurts bring you closer to everything that needs healing. I am the stillest moving proof that love means surrendering to hope, and that love is the submissiveness to the universe. This belief is finally not only within me, and around me, but when I am with you. In three different spaces at once, with enough freedom to cause a meteor shower if it wanted to. We share a love that has enough strength to bear the adversities, to pull us together if gravity decided to challenge the earth. That is how the universe fights to keep souls aligned with each other. It does not just fight, it goes to war with every dust that you are derived from, to find them, or bring them back to you. It has fought its battle for you and I to fall into each other, and for that, I do not thank anyone more than God for creating me and creating you in unison at one point in time. You are a day and thirteen hours away from me, and I am closer to you than I realize. The reality is the universe has done everything I could ask for before I could ask for it.