Strong Woman, You Are Enough


Sometimes you’ll go through life independently doing your own thing. And someone comes knocking on the door. I am not sure what it is, fate if you will. It asks you to open yourself up to someone, something you actually are not that confident doing despite how strong you are.

You live freely and walk strongly, and others will be attracted to this. A free-spirited lady who takes life as it comes. But when the attraction wears off, and you want more they back off.

They give you excuses, they’ll make you feel like you’re not worthy. I am not sure why, but when it comes to men why do strong women fall? Why do we get so vulnerable that when a man tells us he doesn’t want us, we crumble?

We crumble because we wanted things to work out. We love and care so hard for them despite their differences/faults if you want to call it them. We feel sad because we want them to see what we see. A life together full of happiness, perhaps ups and downs but a future together. If only we were given the chance.

We cry because we feel like we are not enough.

The sad truth is, they are not enough. They never were and perhaps never will be. When you’re beautiful self walks through life they knew that they were out of their league. But they wanted a taste of you anyway. When the pressure gets all too much they’ll list your faults and tell you that they don’t see you in their future, it’s all a reflection on them. It really has nothing to do with you.

In the end you’ll realize it wasn’t part of your journey, he wasn’t part of your journey. He was merely a crossing, a fork at the end of the road that you chose. His lead to a dead end, now you must follow the other route.

You are a strong lady, you are worthy, you are worth something to someone else. It just wasn’t meant to be with him.