Stupid Insensitive Bitch Takes Ugly Selfie At Auschwitz


A tweet by a completely insensitive rude bitch named Breanna is getting a lot of negative attention on twitter, and for good reason.

This fucking idiot moron took a picture of herself at Auschwitz, where she’s smiling: revealing her disrespectful and fucked up horse teeth. Her face is ugly and she sucks – also, she’s disrespectful.

Breanna the brainless is right, @orlisagi! What a stupid fucking bitch! Doesn’t she realize how disrespectful she’s being? Surely all the angry tweets coming at this stupid fucking idiot will show her how you’re supposed to treat other people!

It sure is racist! It’s also disrespectful. This dumbass racist idiot is basically mocking everyone who died in the Holocaust because she’s smiling in a picture. Doesn’t she realize how racist that is?

It’s so racist that this young man no longer has any faith in white people! That’s what this dumb bitch has done with her insensitive actions!

Breanna has explained that she’s smiling because she and her father had studied the holocaust together (what?) and he has since passed away. She’s smiling because he would have liked to have gone there with her and she’s happy to have made it.

Still though, that’s no excuse for disrespecting the dead. And I’m glad her idiot dad passed away and that this girl is being insulted and shamed online. She deserves it.