Subway Passenger LITERALLY Gives A Homeless Man The Shirt Off His Back (Despite The Freezing Cold)


Every few days I take the walk from my home to High Street where I typically pick up some dinner. Almost every day, without fail, I pass the homeless and impoverished panhandling on the sidewalk.

Sometimes I give, but usually I don’t. I will walk by with an apology or a smile, thinking to myself about how I wish I were rich. If I were rich, I’d help everyone every single day.

But today a co-worker showed me this video of a homeless man on a NYC subway, and it changed everything for me. It depicts a man who first gives his coat,

and then his hat,

to a homeless man he saw freezing on the subway.

Watch the full video below:

The man gives not only his shirt, but also his hat, (and perhaps his coat?) to a homeless man he saw needed help. He wasn’t the richest guy in the world, but he gave what he had.

There is so much hidden good in the world.