Sweet Girl, Your Prayers For A Forever Person Have Already Been Answered


Sweet girl, I know you’re so, so tired.

It’s an exhausting world we’re living in, especially for someone with a heart as magnanimous as yours. In an eternity of temporary people, you are the one who loves with permanence. And how exhausting it is to keep giving that love away to those who can’t or won’t return it fully.

Sweet girl, I know you’re ready to give up. I know you’ve been praying your heart out – aching to find someone who believes with the ferocity that you do, who isn’t afraid to give out love as openly and freely as you. I know it feels like your prayers aren’t being answered. I know it feels like your forever person isn’t out there at all.

But that’s where you’re wrong.

Sweet girl, you’ve already found your forever person. He’s the one who has been listening to your prayers all along.

Before you lament over not finding your soul mate, please remember that your soul already belongs to a man who loves you unconditionally. Before you throw in the torch and stop trying, please remember that the forever you’re so desperately seeking has already been shared with you – by someone so committed to you he would die for you (twice!).

Before you despair over the throes of your loneliness, sweet girl, please remember that the only forever person you’ve ever needed has been there for you through every moment of your life.

Your forever person may not fit your vision of the ideal man. He may dress in robes and sandals. He may have hair long enough to rock a man bun. He may have friends you cannot trust and powers you don’t understand.

But he’ll be there for you like no earthly man ever will.

Sweet girl, your forever person is Jesus.

And you don’t need to do a single thing to capture his heart.