Take It From Me — Don’t Fall In Love With Your Best Friend


ever we were together.

I liked you. A lot. And I felt this strong connection whenever I was with you. But you never really outwardly expressed that you felt the same way and I didn’t want to ruin what was a very beautiful friendship.

We may have had a moment, one that was enough to blur the line between friendship and what could have been something more but I guess in the end it just wasn’t enough to change things completely.

Someone once said it’s easy to change friendship into love. Someone just has to take that one step closer to the other. Maybe, if we took that step things might’ve turned out differently. Maybe if I took the risk to tell you how I really felt something would have had changed. Maybe we could’ve had something more.

Time has passed and it has swept us along with it. Unfortunately, it has brought us towards different directions. We haven’t really talked in quite a while. We’re still friends, but we no longer have the same level of friendship we used to have. You’ve changed. I’ve changed.

Maybe in the end it was meant to play out the way it did. Maybe you weren’t meant to be something more. Maybe you were not someone who was meant to stay but someone who was meant to pass by in order to change something. Help me understand and find myself. Help me realize things about myself I wouldn’t have been able to if you didn’t come along. Help me into being who I was meant to be right at this very moment.