Take Me Back To That Sunday


Take me back to that Sunday when I held you as you cried, your body resting against mine as you warmed my heart. Together, we dried each hot, salty teardrop that rolled down your cheek as we journeyed towards happiness hand-in-hand.

Take me back to that Sunday when everything was peaceful as we listened to the singing birds in the trees, the soft, rhythmic sounds of the day to come. Together, we calmed the storm inside of you, taming the rush of emotions that threatened to erupt as you fought your inner demons.

Take me back to that Sunday when we had nowhere else to be, unburdened, uninhibited, and unafraid that time would pass us by. Together, we savored a single, beautiful moment, feeling as though we would live in this time, this place forever.

Take me back to that Sunday when we were closer than ever, bonded by love and emotion. Together, we found each other again, becoming inseparable, connecting heart-to-heart without speaking a single word.

Take me back to that Sunday when we were enough, remembering our worth, accepting each other for all we were and all we had yet to become. Together, we ignored our flaws, loving the imperfections that threatened to pull us apart.

Take me back to that Sunday when everything in life felt right, like there was nothing left for us to change as we revealed our deepest fears. Together, we waited for nothing more, nothing less than the simple moment that bound us, strengthened us, challenged us, and changed us.

All that remains now are the memories, the salty tears, the overwhelming fears, the complete calm, the powerful love, the light and the warmth and the simplicity. But deep in my heart, I hope you return to me in all your nostalgia as you take me back to that Sunday.