Take Me Back To When It Was Easier To Love And Be Loved


I fall back into a dream, a time when I was a child, running behind my siblings, in a summer afternoon, having nothing to do, we would climb trees, eat ice-creams in the shade of a leafy tree, play games that made no sense, but what rings in my head now that I look back is just endless laughter.

Covered in dirt, hiding bruises from our parents, jumping from high places, a broken foot, everyone was scolded, and the fight lasted for an hour before we found each other because we got bored, anger was too boring an emotion back then, everything in the world existed to be played with, running was the definition of freedom, running from angry and worried parents, spilling food and water and running, just endless running, from something, for something, now that I think about it, that hasn’t changed even now, just running after different things.

The only day we looked forward was the next day, another game to invent, another high place to jump off from, another bone to break, another fight to start, another memory to forget, another tree to climb, another ice-cream to share, another bond broken, another bond made, I wonder if we knew back then what a treasure it was, to love and be loved so easily.

I wake up, and it’s dark in my room, and I’ve never felt so alone before.