Taking Back Your Personal Power When You Feel Powerless 


For a long time I was settling for second best, feeling out of control and powerless in my own life.

I’ve been through experiences in my life where I’ve been stuck playing the victim, afraid, vulnerable and completely powerless, to the point where I allowed that fear to take a hold over me.

When we feel powerless, we tend to blame others, right, and although it may feel very fair and very real to blame others or our circumstances at the time, all that is doing, is taking away our power even more. It’s not helping us. If we constantly blame others for how crappy we feel, then we are giving them that power to control us emotionally…..which essentially takes us away from loving and valuing ourselves, because we are choosing to settle for less than we deserve.

When we take a step back and see things differently, we begin to realize that, hold on… no one is taking away my personal power. I am CHOOSING to give it away and this can be a hard one to swallow, because at the time, believe me I’ve been there… it’s easy to blame others, but essentially we cannot change other people’s actions… we can only change our own. We are not in control of how other people behave, it’s not our responsibility to…. its our responsibility to take ownership for our own actions and reactions. We can choose to think differently, choose to react differently and CHOOSE to take back our personal power

If you catch yourself giving your power away, take it back.. because that power is YOURS.

When I needed to start taking my power back from certain people or situations in my life, I had to reassess my boundaries, and you may need to do that to…. What are your boundaries? Do you even have any? We usually give our power away when we have low self-esteem and feel unable to do anything for ourselves, which is untrue. We are ALL more than capable to think differently, feel differently and act differently. It’s a choice.

Another way you can take back your power is by recognizing your role in the situation. Notice how you are acting, or re-acting. Take ownership for what you allow in your life, take ownership for how you treat yourself, how you see yourself, how you view yourself… who you keep in your life, and know that you have the power within you to create a better, healthier situation.

No matter how hard it is to hear, and how difficult it feels at the time, you can break free from victim mode. You are stronger than you’ll ever know and the only person who can get you out of this victim mentality is YOU. 

Please know that its never too late to take back your power. You can start now, its only a choice away.

Lets all find the strength within us to break free from any limiting beliefs that makes us feel powerless, and start shifting this into feeling more confident, more in control and more than able to create and change our circumstances into the life we choose. It starts now!