Taylor Swift Just Uploaded This Weird AF Video To Instagram A Few Days After She Deleted All Her Social Media Posts


Taylor Swift is up to something Big. How do I know? Because last week she deleted literally ALL of her social media posts, and now she’s back with one single video  — and honestly, it’s fucking weird.

It was strange enough that the pop star decided to completely purge her accounts, since there seemed to be a lot of personal posts in the mix. But Monday morning, she finally added her first post since the incident, and honestly, I have no idea what’s going on.

The video, which shows nothing but a snake, doesn’t even have a caption, but in less than an hour it’s already garnered a million views. Fans want to know what the fuck Taylor is up to, and what this means for her musically.



I’m curious about whether the song has to do with people accusing her of being a snake or whether she’s accusing someone else of it. Or maybe she just really likes large reptiles??? Someone please do an in-depth analysis so I can finally understand.


Oh yeah, and I guess there’s an eclipse later today.