Taylor Swift’s New Song Is About A Lot More Than Just Dissing Kimye


I’ll be very honest with everyone right now. At 23, I have not followed the Kanye/Kim/Taylor Swift drama and I don’t really care to, so I probably won’t be Googling it any time soon. So maybe the song is about Kim and Kayne. But for someone listening to the song without that drama-knowledge, I am seeing a MUCH bigger picture.

Ever since Taylor Swift has been a household name, she has either portrayed herself as OR has been portrayed by the media as a sweet-turned-boy-crazed girl who goes through guys just to write songs. (And if that is truly the case then you do you, girl; I’m not a pop star, so who am I to judge?) She has essentially been portrayed as a fool in the media.

I took the song as TS finally biting back at the media, at Hollywood, at every reporter who thought they could put her in a specifically-labeled box. She is saying that she is done letting others define her and that she is going to be the one who decides how she is perceived (her Reputation).

Just look at her lyrics:

“I don’t like your little games/Don’t like your tilted stage/The role you made me play”

This is about how the celebrity media pits everyone against one another and they hold enough power to control the rise and fall of celebs. She is done playing into their games.

“I don’t like your kingdom keys/They once belonged to me/You asked me for a place to sleep/Locked me out and threw a feast”

Here, I feel like she is explaining how the media first built her up, made her larger than life, acted like they were her best friend and sucked up to her. Then once they realized instead of idolizing TS they could make more money and create more hype as making her out to be a villain, the tables turned.

“I’m sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now/Why?/Oh ‘cause she is dead”

I took this line as her saying that the girl everyone could once walk all over grew a tough skin and she is not going to take any more shit lying down. Maybe the new Taylor is going to take matters into her own hands and define herself rather than allowing someone else to define her.

So, right or wrong, that is my take on Taylor Swift’s new song. And TBH I am really not a Taylor Swift fan. I do, however, believe that people have more substance to them than the drama they create to make their life more interesting.