Technically, You Rock With These 12 ‘Smart’ Products



Every day we live our lives more and more through the pocket computers we call smartphones. Always on and always with us, they’ve ushered in a whole new age of awesome gadgets and automation that make our increasingly complex lives simpler. Here are just a few ways that the latest crop of smart devices are making the little things even less of a hassle.



1. Keep Your Green Thumb Green

For plant lovers with busy schedules it can be hard to remember whether you watered your plants but plant health monitors take the guesswork out of it with a simple notification telling you exactly what your plant needs be it fertilizer, water, or a brand new pot.




2. A Full-Sized Keyboard, On-The-Go

For the ultimate in light-weight, on-the-go efficiency, a bluetooth projection keyboard can’t be beat. The full-sized and fully functional keyboard can be projected on any flat surface and the projector itself takes up less space than a smartphone so you can be ready to work or create at a moment’s notice without being weighed down.



3. A Silent Alarm For When You Absolutely Can’t Miss A Call.

This alarm will alert you to calendar notifications, phone calls, messages, all without having to actually have your phone on you. It will also notify you if you’re leaving your phone behind. Don’t ever be caught without your smartphone again.




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