Tell Me Who You Are Today And I’ll Tell You Who You Can Become


The only constant thing in this world is change, and the same concept applies to ourselves. You can’t stick yourself to just one idea and be that version of yourself for the rest of eternity. Just as the world is evolving and growing, so are you.

Tell me that you feel driven by your anxieties every day and I’ll tell you that you have so much bravery and strength within you to keep moving forward, despite the voices in your head insisting you can’t.

Tell me that you’ve made bad decisions in the past that you’re not proud of and I’ll tell you how much you’ve grown into this extraordinary and exquisite individual that you are today who’s striving to be always better than the past.

Tell me that you feel overwhelmed with your darkness, grief, and isolation and I’ll tell you that you have the purest heart in the world to have suffered such an unimaginable loss and still be standing strong in the world today.

Tell me that you don’t believe you’ll ever amount to anything and I’ll tell you every accomplishment and milestone that you’ve had to go through to be who you are today.

Tell me your flaws, mistakes, and the worst things you see about yourself and I’ll tell you that the galaxy was once filled with imperfections and an infinite nothingness.

Tell me your trauma and abuse and I’ll tell you of your admirable ability to see the very best in people, even when all they’ve done is use and manipulate your kindness.

Tell me of your naivety and softness, and I’ll tell you how you remained authentic and vulnerable in a world that tries its very best to transform you into someone you no longer recognize.

Tell me how your family first broke your heart and I’ll tell you of your resilience and willingness to believe that love doesn’t always end in disaster.

Tell me exactly who you are and I’ll tell you that you’re the exact opposite, because you’re not who you think you are. You’re not your past mistakes, your insecurities, your flaws, or your darkness. You’re not the moments you don’t recognize yourself because of the decisions you’ve made. You’re not the moments where trauma and grief kept you stuck, unable to move forward. Rather, you’re so much more than what meets the eye. You’re who you are because of the very best aspects of yourself, and you don’t deserve to see yourself as anything less than that.