10 Things That I Should Miss (And Actually Still Really, Really Do)


  1. My babysitters. They were just so fascinating! What does a 9-year-old think of someone who’s 23 anyway? You thought they carried the key to adulthood and loved to hear their life stories. I mean, your life only consisted of running errands with your mom and playing freeze tag. By comparison, a babysitter’s life was pretty glamorous.
  2. Life before puberty. Genitalia makes things confusing. Discovering you like men makes things confusing. I miss the days when I could say I was attracted to Pamela Anderson and actually believed it. Also, wet dreams were a pretty awesome “calm before the storm.”
  3. The way time seemed to stretch on forever when you were a kid and you could just be content spending the whole day sitting by the radio. You used to be so easily satisfied. Now things are just never quite good enough.
  4. The moment before the event that changed your life forever. It could be a death, a break up, your best friend in middle school getting sent away. It doesn’t really matter. It’s just the thing that adds the first hint of dark to your perspective.
  5. First love, blah blah blah.  And there being no such thing as “BAD IN BED” because you’re just lucky to be “IN BED” period.
  6. The summers you would experience in high school. You were given three months to screw around with your friends. Sneak into movies, write in your diary, kiss in your childhood bedroom. Your only obligation was to read Animal Farm for Honors English and create a reading log (which, by the way, was super hard ).
  7. Living with my family. OK, I don’t actually miss this for real. But I do miss waking up to the smell of pancakes and knowing I was always going home to someone who cared about me. I live alone now, which means I could choke on a Tic Tac and be dead for a week before anyone was like, “Where’s Ry? Did he die?”
  8. College. No, wait. That’s not true either. I guess I just miss house parties and the most stressful thing in my life being a paper that’s due in my Politics of Psychology In Education Class.
  9. Being really skinny and getting to eat hamburgers all day. I still eat hamburgers all day but I’m not as skinny because of it.
  10. Today. I’m nostalgia’s bitch.

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